On Aging Gracefully (by Sarah and her Dad)

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Sarah and Dad

A happy life comes from living with purpose. The yogis call this dharma, and the teaching is we can only be truly happy when we live our life’s purpose.  Having the right resources matters.  This includes access to health care, nourishing food and a comfortable home.  

Even more importantly it means having the loving support of others.  Life is to be lived, and enjoyed at every age!  Watching the sunset, making a special cup of tea - these are the small pleasures that warm our soul.  Emotional and spiritual freedom come from a life well lived - purpose, prosperity and pleasure deliver us into something bigger, a sense of something beyond the past and the future, holding us in infinite peace.  

What my Dad and I have figured out is reflected in the Vedas in the teaching about the four aims of life, the purushartas.  My training in The Four Desires is perfectly timed for my midlife contemplations!

Sarah Recommends

Seasonal Cleansing!  To change the way we age, tune-ups are a must!  Just like your car, it is most likely to go many miles with regular maintenance. Seasonal cleansing in the Ayurvedic tradition is like an oil change, lube and filter cleaning.  Better mileage, smoother driving.  Our Root Down and Rest Fall Cleanse is being enjoyed by almost 100 people all over the world.  Check it out and plan ahead for our Elevate Your Energy Spring Cleanse.


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