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Welcome to Yoga Beyond the Poses

Dear Yogis,

Do you wish you felt as good off the yoga mat as you do on it? You're not alone. Millions of us worldwide find that yoga practice brings us home to feeling relaxed, energized, optimistic and inspired.

Yet when we leave the yoga room, the buzz often fades quickly. There’s a Starbucks on the corner, Netflix on your screen, the lure of social media and the latest diets to follow.

Snap! What happened to my yoga buzz?

This is Ayurveda’s job, to keep the buzz of awareness, inspiration and balance going, on and off the mat.

You are in the right place if you are wondering:

  • Why is my brain so tired (or hyped)?

  • What happened to my vitality?

  • How come I don’t sleep well?

  • What’s up with these extra 10 lbs?

  • I’m really showing my age!

  • These aches and pains are the worst!

  • What and how should I eat?

  • My love life could use some yoga help (and I’m not talking about savasana)!

  • My meditation practice is irregular and I’m so scattered...

  • How do I live in this complex world without losing my balance?

The answer is not another superfood,
supplement, or yoga retreat!

If you are reading this you are a seeker. Maybe you aspire to live like a yogini in our modern world. I know I wanted that, and that’s why I turned to Ayurveda (a word I had to learn to pronounce!).

Lots of people ask me how at age 60 I have more zest than ever. The simple answer is yoga, including yoga’s sister science Ayurveda.

As it turns out...

The simple secrets of Ayurveda are not really secrets, you just have to ask, and show up to learn!

Listen in for free as these expert teachers share wisdom and practical tips you can use right now to live a more inspired life!

Our speakers will show you how to…

  • Feel energized everyday

  • Discover vibrant longevity

  • Heal depression and get your life back

  • Detoxify your brain and improve memory

  • Restore rhythm for better sleep and feel deeply rested

  • Manage your weight without struggle

  • Restore balance and ease to your feminine cycles

  • Fall in love with your meditation practice & discover deep peace

  • Get juicy and stay juicy; love, dance and play

  • Stay productive even on your busiest days

  • Ignite the full force of your spirit and live your best life

Participation is FREE!

The speakers in this telesummit are generously donating their time because they are so passionate about sharing Ayurveda with you. You can get access to this packed online event at NO COST. All you need is a computer to participate from anywhere in the world.

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Registration includes a free subscription to YogaWisdomAndWellness offerings. We will never share your information wtih ANYONE.


Evolve Your Best Self with Ayurveda

As a yogi, you know you are more than a physical body. You are more than your height, weight, hair, eye color, aches and pains and imbalances. You are a complex, creative being, beautifully designed to live your life’s purpose through the darkness and the light.

Ayurveda’s ultimate aim is to help you ignite the full force of your spirit.

We’ve brought together an incredible team of teachers, doctors and Ayurvedic Practitioners to inspire you to engage everyday Ayurveda. If you are new to Ayurveda this Summit will get you started with simple tips. If you are more experienced with Ayurveda there is plenty for you here to deepen your practices.

If you are a yoga teacher, this Summit will help you discover how to bring simple Ayurvedic teachings into your classes. If you are ready to take your practice ~ and your students ~ to the next level of empowered awareness you will love this Summit.

Join us as we discover the practical and profound teachings of the science of life: Ayurveda. Deep health, vitality and purpose are born from living in rhythm with Nature--your true nature and Mother Nature. This is the essence of Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science.

Yoga Beyond the Poses is not just a summit, it’s a community.
Join us as we deepen and learn together!

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you can start today!

  • In these videos you will discover…
  • How to easily boost your immune system
  • One simple food that will increase your clarity
  • How easy everyday Ayurveda is
  • Radical self care

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Registration includes a free subscription to YogaWisdomAndWellness offerings. We will never share your information wtih ANYONE.


Praise for Yoga Beyond the Poses

The telesummit has been fabulous! I've loved listening to the talks! Brilliant with such wisdom. Many, many blessings! And such gratitude. - Jackie in NC

"...I have literally been GLUED into the telesummit since it started. It seemed kind of heavy and I wasn't even sure if I'd make it through the first session - but it was all just SO accessible! And as I wrap on my final session I am literally in disbelief at how much I got out of this program! I found myself finding excuses to take a break from my 9-5 to listen in and am just finishing with the last session." - Steve in Denver

"Thank you so much for organizing the wonderful telesummit! I am eagerly awaiting the Playlist so that I can pour over the talks that I missed. I am a yoga teacher for almost five years now. I've practiced yoga for nearly ten years (came to yoga in my 40's and now this amazing teaching journey in my 50's). So happy to have found you and your lovely team of teachers! I live in CA, otherwise I'd be at your doorstep today. I have enjoyed the free recipes and am loving your blog! Just wanted to reach out and say hello and thank you. So happy to have discovered this amazing resource to enrich my own practice and deepen my offering as a teacher." - Olivia in San Francisco

"Bravo! Best telesummit I've listened to yet. This was the fourth one I’ve tuned into since July. I loved the questions with so much depth. More conversations than interviews. Sarah has a voice made for "radio" or whatever we call this type of audio broadcasting. Thank you so much. I enjoyed every minute I was able to listen in. Sarah, how about a monthly podcast? Let's keep this good thing going! Much love and gratitude to you." - Susan in Grand Junction

Join us as we discover the practical and profound teachings of the science of life: Ayurveda.

This Summit is designed to educate and inspire you about Ayurveda as a transformational tool. Our expert speakers, with their profound and practical wisdom and practices, will empower YOU to creatively interact with Ayurveda- and bring it into your everyday life.

The world needs us as clear, bright, and courageous beings. Whether it’s tackling complex issues, cooling off tensions, being patient with our children and elders or any other challenge, the yogic sciences offer us solutions. The teachings on the Summit will support you in living with steadiness and ease, everyday.

Let’s learn together and grow,

Won't you join us?

About Your Guide

Sarah Hutchinson, RN, is a Yoga Lifestyle Mentor, supporting yoginis in their transformation through practical Ayurveda and meditation support. Uniquely qualified through her education in Nursing, Yoga and Ayurveda, Sarah brings a lifetime of adventurous seeking, deep experience, being a Mother and Grandmother, and the gifts of her world-class teachers to you. Sarah is an RN of 37 years, a multi-certified Yoga Teacher, ERYT 500, an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, a certified National Outdoor Leadership School Instructor and featured teacher on Yoga International. She is the Founder of Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness, offering online courses to cleanse and heal the body, restore vitality and create a life of clarity and ease.

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Registration includes a free subscription to YogaWisdomAndWellness offerings. We will never share your information wtih ANYONE.


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