Learning Life Lessons from the Elders

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I’ve had IMG_1258.jpga lot of time this summer with some incredible role models for aging wisely. I just returned from a week with my Mom who will be celebrating 89 years on Earth in November! She lives independently, drives (very well!), has lunch with her girlfriends at least once a week, and loves to play. That’s her playing ball with my dog (her granddog), Juno! She has always been active. Right now she attends yoga classes and works out at the gym three times a week!

 I also have the privilege of teaching yoga to people of all ages, including Neta who turned 90 tIMG_1267.jpghis summer. Check out Neta’s shoulder stand!  She’s a true yogi, on and off the mat.

 As I reflect on what it is that Neta and my Mom are doing to age well, I find some similarities. In addition to those things they have been doing most of their lives (eating well, exercising, staying connected to community), they are both optimistic. Neta and my Mom find the positive and blow off the negative.

According to Ayurveda, a stress-free lifestyle is key to longevity. While this is not always possible, and both of these women have had their share of stress, they have both approached life with optimism and an outlook that has undoubtedly aided in their healthy aging.

Neta and my Mom have lived an Ayurvedic lifestyle without knowing they were living an Ayurvedic lifestyle! Their wisdom comes naturally. That's the thing about Ayurveda—we already have this wisdom within us. It takes community to bring it out and it strengthens when it’s shared!

I look forward to more time with the elders this fall.  My two aunts, my mom and I are taking a road trip! Stay tuned—I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more about how to age well and I’ll be sure to share.

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