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With Your Host
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Sarah Hutchinson

Dear Yogis,

The living tradition of Yoga is perfectly designed to help us adapt, thrive, live fully, and serve deeply. There is a deeper power of the yogic sciences yet to be discovered. Are you ready to explore?

At this time in history, we’re experiencing many great shifts on planet Earth. You feel them everyday: the personal, professional, and global challenges that call on each of us to evolve and adapt. How do we cultivate our highest self in today’s fast paced world?

Bombarded by the demands of daily life: health, fitness, family, career, service to others, pulls us in many directions. Making space for a deeper spiritual practice and cultivating our higher self can be overwhelming.

And yet, that is what we must do: become our best selves.

For this, we are wise to turn to the ancient wisdom of yoga. Together, we’re engaging and evolving the yoga tradition to meet these challenges. Please join us to discover Yoga Beyond the Poses: it’s provocative, practical, evolutionary, and essential.

With Yoga Beyond the Poses, you’ll discover:

  • The rising leaders of the future of Yoga

  • How gurus, goddesses and Google help you live a Yoga Lifestyle

  • The secret Ayurvedic wisdom to being happy, healthy and sexy

  • Three Wisdom Traditions that promote total healing in your life

  • How social media & technology can uplevel your consciousness

  • The yogic path to transform your relationships

  • How to find and engage a teacher

  • How to achieve fail-proof meditation (and love it!)

  • Yogic secrets to vibrant aging

  • How to engage the true power of yoga

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Registration includes a free subscription to YogaWisdomAndWellness offerings. We will never share your information wtih ANYONE.



This Summit is for You if you….

  • Love how yoga makes you feel, but can’t keep your practice up when times get tough

  • Have an overly-active mind, and can’t find the “peace” meditation is supposed to bring

  • Have been disappointed or let down by an instructor or “guru”

  • Have doubts that you’re living your best life

  • Wonder if Facebook and social media is good for your practice

  • Want to age with grace, but struggle with fatigue, extra weight and wrinkles

We’ve brought together internationally renowned yogis to inspire you to join the evolution of yoga.  Their deep wisdom, insights and techniques will help you elevate your practice to the next level: greater health, wealth, purpose, happiness, and freedom.

Seeding the Evolution of Yoga - it’s time to EVOLVE!

Join us as we discover how yoga is evolving to support us in living our lives as an expression of divinity and bringing our practice to our family, work, community, and beyond. This is yoga beyond the poses: an integral way of being that can elevate all areas of your life, from your intimate relationships to your activism as a conscious being. As we take yoga off the mat and into the world, we live our yoga in our thoughts, speech and actions, transforming ourselves: transforming our world.

The results are stunning: better health, true wealth, living from a place of deep meaning, happiness and freedom. This means better relationships AND more clarity of thought AND more joyful creativity, more inner peace AND more loving acts of service.

If you are a yoga teacher, you will discover what is on the forefront of the yoga world so you can enlighten your students and take your classes, studio or workshops to the next echelon. If you’re ready to take your practice to this next level and ride the evolutionary wave of yoga, sign up now for Yoga Beyond the Poses.

Register Free!


Registration includes a free subscription to YogaWisdomAndWellness offerings. We will never share your information wtih ANYONE.


Learn from the Experts Who
Are Co-Creating the Future of Yoga:

In this life changing series, top yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic experts share their vast knowledge and invaluable insights about the many ways yoga is cross-pollinating with other practices, leading major lifestyle shifts, and impacting our individual and collective lives today.

This series features wise, innovative, and bold yoga thought leaders who are so committed to evolving their practices and our world that they are honoring traditional models while going beyond them- to offer these practices that transform you, and our world.

Our speakers are willing to be real and authentic with their challenges, and live on their growth edge. They are willing explorers of the unknown with YOU: boldly going into this new territory as visionaries of how the yogic sciences can create a better world: within and without.

It’s Time for Yoga Beyond the Poses

The intersection of the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern reality is a potent place. This series is designed to welcome you to the deeper practices of yoga and accelerate your transformation.

These experts, with their cutting edge practices and insights, will empower YOU to creatively interact with yoga- resulting in an increased ability to influence and manifest change in your own life, in your family, community, and in our world.

The world needs us as clear, bright, and courageous beings. Whether it’s tackling complex issues, cooling off tensions, being patient with our children and elders or any other challenge, the yogic sciences offer us solutions.

This series is for you if you’re ready to expand your yoga beyond the poses. If you’re newer to yoga, you’ll get inspiration to transform your practice and dramatically improve your life. For yoga teachers, you’ll discover incredible new avenues to enlighten your students and take your classes, studio or workshops to the next echelon.

Living as a conscious human being requires support and nourishment. It’s time to unleash your power, purpose and vitality - the keys to greater happiness, freedom and prosperity in your life.

Register now and receive a special Chhat Puja practice to honor Surya, the Sun.


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Let’s evolve, together….

Won't you join us?


About Your Guide

Sarah Hutchinson R.N., is a Yoga Lifestyle Mentor, supporting yogis in their transformation through practical Ayurveda and meditation support. Uniquely qualified through her education in Nursing, Yoga and Ayurveda, Sarah brings a lifetime of adventurous seeking, deep experience, motherhood and the gifts of her world-class teachers to you. Sarah is an R.N. of 35 years, Certified Para Yoga teacher, E-RYT-500, an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, and a former NOLS Instructor. She is the Founder of Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness, offering online courses to cleanse and heal the body, restore vitality and create a life of clarity and ease.

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Registration includes a free subscription to YogaWisdomAndWellness offerings. We will never share your information wtih ANYONE.



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