What’s in a name?

by | Sep 12, 2014 | 4 Comments

What we want for you, for one!

Everyday Wellness was a name born out of our profound experience with Ayurveda.  In our study with Cate Stillman (yogahealer.com), we discovered everyday Ayurveda: ways to stay vibrant, balanced and enlivened in the midst of our hectic lives.

Sarah kicked her menopausal symptoms to the curb.  Demi detoxed from cancer.  Deb found energy she didn’t know she had.  We were hooked!

Being teachers, we wanted to spread the goodness we were experiencing, so Everyday Wellness was born. Hundreds of you have had the Everyday Wellness experience and we all agree it is a good one! The only problem was in URL land the name everydaywellness.com was already taken — so on the sage advice of a web developer we grabbed evrydaywellness.com...

Turns out misspelling bothers a lot of people. So we have wrestled with it as our business has grown.  We LOVE the name Everyday Wellness, because it is what we do: teach how to stay well, everyday. But, the misspelling was a deal breaker so....we are unveiling our new name:
Yoga Wisdom and Wellness
And yes, the URL is ours: yogabeyondtheposes.com

Sarah dreamed the name Wisdom and Wellness Yoga and Sue Rodda, one of our long term students polished it off to Yoga Wisdom and Wellness. Thanks to Sue, and all of our loyal students who collaborate with us, everyday, to keep our offerings real!

From Everyday Wellness to Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness!  We are evolving with you, and so is our name and website!

We just had our first meeting with our web designer, check out our new logo and stay tuned for more. You will be able to get to us at evrydaywellness.com now and in the future so no worries there.

We are devoted to teaching everyday wellness: practical, evolutionary tips and habits to keep your mind, body and spirit moving, graceful and vibrant.  We help yogis deepen their yoga lifestyle with practical Ayurveda and meditation instruction and support. Join us!


4 responses to “What’s in a name?”

  1. Sara Cunningham says:

    what’s in a name? so glad just to be on your mailing list .
    haven’t been in CO much this summer. Helping out family members after surgeries in OR and now Seattle. Looking forward to fall in GJ whenever I get there. I have been drinking water at room temp. love learning from all of you. thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Maria Currey says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  3. julia says:

    Exciting! love the logo and can’t wait for more wisdom, wellness and oh yeah yoga from you three. here’s to the equinox and our sweet sweet new moon supporting this transition. xoxo

  4. Debora B says:

    Love the new name and logo!!! Excited to see what wonderful places this takes you and you take us. 🙂

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